Rogo Keen To Keep Kenya On Track

Originally Published By Head To Head Upstream Magazine, Tsavo Oilfield Services CEO Elizabeth Rogo shares her insights on mentoring, partnerships, career development and much more. Read the full interview here: An Interview with Elizabeth Rogo – Head To Head Upstream.

TSAVO Oilfield Services Endorses Equal by 30 Campaign to Further The Role of Women in Energy

Tuesday, 12 May 2020: In yet another bold move, TSAVO Oilfield Services (TSAVO) becomes a signatory of the Equal by 30 campaign, alongside 7 key partners across the African continent, including the African Energy Chamber. “My name is Eng. Elizabeth Rogo, an African woman and the Founder & CEO of TSAVO Oilfield Services as well as the President – East Africa, for the African Energy Chamber. It fills me with great joy to join and …